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DoEl DoEl said:

Here we go~~
Of course this isn't an aftermath of alchohol + med drugs, it's a poisoning from mandarin oranges he ate at 2nd page~~
So that's why he falls into sleep again, cause he's realize it can't be for real and the best way is just to waste more time. He recognized the voice - well wtf is this shit - and going sleep again then.

1. Wonda Golubeva - is the ex-wife of Artyom and mother of his three sons. Right now she doing her job at work at another star system, she's a Supervisor aswell as Artyom.
2. The pattern on her dress works kinda like fractal gif.
3. Artyom has no any mental diseases, so it's not split personality or something like this on the page.

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25th Sep 2019, 1:52 AM